2020 Season Schedule

There will be schedule changes throughout the season, due to weather or other circumstances. We will do our best to be consistent on the days and times, but some flexibility is needed. There will be the unfortunate occasions when we may show up and the other team is short players. We’ll do our best to anticipate, and adapt, but please help us to adjust during these exciting times.

2020 Game Schedule TO BE DETERMINED 

Below is the current Motley match schedule for the season as of       (Away matches may have significant variances.)  Unfortunately the exact match times are not usually known until mid-week. We understand your frustration.  We will post updates on our FB page and this website as soon as we know, as well as Team Snap.  If there is bad weather, please check our FB and web after 2:00 pm on practice days to see if the fields have been closed by the city. Because of potential for size and strength variances of our opponents, and in an abundance of caution, we cannot finalize schedules until the opposing coaches have had a chance to discuss with us during the week.  We may shift opponents and team strengths around to provide for the best match-ups possible regarding ability and size in order to provide a safe environment with the right sized people playing the right sized and skill levels.

This schedule pertains to all age grades, i.e. U10s, U12s and MS all play together, either at home or away.

Thank you.

Date         Home                          AWAY

Jan      Gridley                MS MOTLEY ONLY – 10:00 start time

Jan.    Land Park           SacPD Pal Gridley   Times:  1:00 MS, 12:00 Youth

Jan.      Land Park           Motherlode North Sac   Times:  1:00 MS, 12:00 Youth

Jan       KOT      –           Cordova High School – all day, 9:00 -4:00

Feb.        Land Park             See TeamSnap for updates, or contact a Team Mom.

Feb.          CHICO                 Gridley, Land Park, River City.

Feb.            Cougars

Feb         Land Park      Motherlode and Carmichael, noon start for all age grades

March     Elk Grove

March   Elk Grove