What is Sacramento Rugby Union?

  • Sacramento Rugby Union is the organization under which Motley, Lady Harlequins (girls high school and middle school) and Lions (boys high school) play.

When does the season begin?

  • Dec. 1, with Tuesday/Thursday practices thereafter.
  • 3:30-dark
  • Land Park Baseball Fields
  • Bring: Mouthguard, cleats, water, great attitude!

Do I need experience?

  • No

Will I get cut from the team?  

  • No, we are a recreational rugby club. Everyone who practices plays.

What kind of equipment do I need?  

  • Mouthpieces are mandatory.  Make sure you boil it for a few seconds to mould it to your teeth.
  • Soccer or football cleats are fine. After awhile, you may buy rugby boots if you want.
  • Rugby shorts are mandatory, because they will not tear.  Game socks (black) and rugby shorts (black) can be purchased for $5 and $35, respectively.
  • We provide the jerseys – on loan for the season – and expect the PLAYER to be responsible for the jersey, and for cleaning it

Do I need to register?

  • Yes, via Rugbyxplorer.
  • No need to register in December until your child actually discovers he/she really loves the game!
  • Dues – $250
  • We offer scholarships as we want everyone to be able to participate

How long does the season last?

  • U 10s season concludes second weekend in March
  • U 12s season concludes third weekend in March
  • MS season concludes fourth weekend in March

Describe the environment

  • We are keen on “no laps, no lines, no lectures”
  • We typically place emphasis on safety, having fun, then winning, a distant third – in that order. Generally winning is not emphasized at the U10 and U12 levels, although the players ALWAYS know the score 😲)
  • We are inclusive
  • We take time to teach not only rugby skills and strategy, but the laws of the game as well as teamwork and respect
  • Our home matches are at Land Park Soccer and Rugby Complex next to Fairytale Town: away games are in Cameron Park, Carmichael, Granite Bay, Chico, Elk Grove and Gridley

My son/daughter has other sports commitments – can he/she still play Motley?

  • YES! We encourage cross training and ask only that your child be at one practice weekly

My son/daughter is 7 years old. Can he/she play?

  • This is a tough one. We have a handful of seven year olds playing Motley. That said, your seven year old should be able to pay attention to the coaches and be physically and mentally able to play with and against players up to 10 years old. Please discuss with Coach Rich.

In what age group will my child play?

  • Age cutoff is September 1 – Meaning a player with a 9/1/2022 birthday:
    • 10th birthday – eligible for U10s
    • 12th birthday – eligible for U12s
    • A player who turned 10 on 8/31/2022 or earlier must play in U12s – NOTE that we can make exceptions
    • A player who turned 12 on 8/31/2022 or earlier must play middle school – exceptions exist
    • Age groups (age grades) are typically divided into two: And “open” team and a “light” team, so as to play similarly sized opponents.

Can my son’s/daughter’s friends come out?

  • YES! We encourage all children to attend. Rugby is the best game in the world! Have them come see why.

Due to work commitments I cannot get my player to practice until later

  • That is fine – we completely understand. Have him/her come on out anyway
  • We push practice start time back 15-30 minutes every 30 days or so, daylight permitting, and will begin practice closer to 4:15 in February and March.

I missed some practices, is it too late to start?

  • It is never too late to join.  Just come on out and join the fun.